Xcaret from Cancun

How to get to Xcaret from Cancun ?

In this post, we’ll list the different ways to access to Xcaret from Cancun and explain all the probable methods to reach it. This destination full of history and breathtaking spaces full of character is waiting for you, so read on to learn the way to get to Xcaret from Cancun.

Xcaret from Cancun

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To reach this famous ecological park full of activities for all ages, outstanding subway rivers, its shows, activities, amazing panoramic views from its Scenic Tower and of course the incredible Mayan archaeological sites you will find as you read on.

How to get to Xcaret from Cancun

Considering Cancun as a central starting point, the transfer is simple with approximately a distance of 75 km and reachable within 1 hour through the Highway that connects from Cancun to Tulum. Leaving from the Cacnun airport or from the place where you are staying, these are the options you have to get there.

Plan a trip to Xcaret and book a tour

To appreciate an adventure with relaxation and no worries, paying to get a tour is obviously a fairly practical alternate to find out about going to Xcaret.

When you plan a trip and for you it is an unknown destination, it is normal that you have to think longer about how to get there. Hiring a company specialized in organizing tours to tourist destinations is a good option.

A tour will make you stop worrying  about having insecurities about whether you made a correct reservation or purchase. In addition, you can enjoy all the offers and everything that the park has to offer.

A company that makes sure to offer very complete and quality services is USA Travel Cancun who assures you private air-conditioned transportation, tickets to the park and its Xcaret Plus areas, lunch, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, shows in the park, safety equipment such as life jackets, visits to the beaches and cultural exhibitions, among other special activities, all under the supervision of expert and bilingual guides.

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Rent a car and drive to Xcaret

If you have an independent and adventurous spirit and you like to enjoy your own agenda and organization of your time, your alternative is undoubtedly the rental of a car. It will also be useful if a small group of companions goes with you.

Your tool to get there is to have the address in an application on your phone like Google Maps or a GPS and you will arrive without problems, besides you will not have to cancel the payment of a parking lot in the park since they are free.

Take a Taxi to Xcaret

No doubt, it is an attractive option if your thing is comfort in the transfer, if you don’t want to walk a lot to terminals, search a lot or share transportation with other tourists.

The thing to know when taking a cab to Xcaret will be the fact that you must have a tight budget for it. Only the cost of the one way trip to the park does not go below 180$ and can go up to 200$.

Go to Xcaret with a van

Vans have always been a favourite option of transportation to Xcaret from Cancun among visitors and locals who wish to visit Xcaret Parks.

The travel times is the same, however you have the chance to choose whether to use a shared or private van, the USA Travel Cancun vans are private and guarantee a safe and efficient ride from the airport or hotel where you are staying to the park and an equally reliable and safe return.

You can easily book their services, in their web page or directly call them. Keep in mind that the park is open all year round, so you can plan your vacation and transfer at your convenience.

Catch a bus to Xcaret

To go to Xcaret park by bus you have two ways of transport once you get to the Cancun terminals, the Transporte Playa Express and the Autobuses Mayab buses.

To locate the Mayab terminal, which in turn belongs to the ADO buses, you can go to the headquarters on Av. Uxmal or also enter the website where you can view the departure times, prices, make your reservation according to the plans and distribution of your time.

The buses will leave you at the entrance of the park, you just have to consider very well the place where you are and the time it will take you to get to the departure point of the bus. The buses work from 8:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night and have departures every 30 minutes.

Travel by pre-booked private transportation to Xcaret from Cancun.