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things to do with children in Cancun

Among the wonderful advantages of going to the town of Cancun is that there is an assortment of activities to do for everybody, from extreme sports, into the ideal nighttime celebrations. In this guide, we’ll list the best things to do with children in Cancun.

things to do with children in Cancun

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Is Cancun kid friendly?

Pristine beaches where you can dig into the warm white sand with your bare toes, the warmth of sunshine on your bare back, fantastic locations for snorkeling and seemingly endless pools housed in huge complexes… Cancun is one of the most stunning destinations in Mexico and if you are visiting the country, this is a city you must make a trip to.

It is agreat place to travel to with your children. There are a variety of different things to do with children in Cancun you can enjoy here. You can try snorkeling, leisure days at the beach, off roading in the jungles and even swimming with whale sharks.

Family vacations provide experiences that educate our children about the world around them and create memories that last a lifetime. Cancun, once considered the “Spring Break Capital of the World” has evolved into a world-class vacation destination that offers tours and activities and things to do with children in Cancun for all ages.

Best activities for kids in Cancun

Apart from the ruins, beaches and swimming pools, you’ll find excellent kid-friendly attractions such as amusement and water parks, zoos, aquariums and other fun places on the peninsula. Kids can also enjoy activities such as snorkeling, riding bikes and observing wildlife. Archaeological sites can be fun if your kids are into climbing pyramids and exploring tunnels. The Tulum site has a pretty beach and relatively tame iguanas that make a fun diversion.

Dolfin discovery

Dolphins are the sweetest creatures of the sea that are sure to get even adults excited, let alone children. It is a fabulous experience, a beautiful memory that lasts a life time, probably one of the many things to do with children in Cancun, swimming surrounded by angels is among the best experiences that may exist. On top of that, Cancun and its neighboring towns have various dolphinariums that allow you to have the approach of these incredible mammals and find out more about their normal habitat.

Swim with dolfins activity for kids in Cancun

Croco Cun Zoo

Crococun is an interactive conservation zoo located just 30 km from Cancun Centre that began as a crocodile breeding farm. It was destroyed by Hurricane Gilberto in 1988 and as time passed the concept changed from breeding to protecting and promoting crocodiles. The tour, led by knowledgeable, friendly guides lasts an hour and is a memorable experience great for families with young children, a group of friends or couples. This is a fun way to learn about local flora and fauna of Mexico. Highlights include feeding cute spider monkeys, holding a baby crocodile and strolling through an area where 50 or so crocs roam free. Out of the various things to do with children in Cancun, this experience will make your family very happy!

Ventura Park

This park was reinvented, providing accessibility to 6 distinct thematic worlds where you could find ziplines, fairs, virtual reality and even never mentioning the famed slides. Ventura Park (previously Wet’n Wild) is the biggest water park in town and one which claims fun not just for children, but for adults too. Kids can zip line, swim with dolphins, go-kart, ride a roller-coaster, and enjoy state of the art games like Laser Tag, plus much much more. You can opt for several different packages when you visit the park and some of these packages include both food and drinks. Some of the popular rides that you can enjoy at this park are the Kamikaze water slide, the Bubble Space Bowl, the Wave Pool, etc. There is also a rather long lazy river.

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Xcaret eco-archaeological Park is a great choice for kids of all ages, filled with Mexican and Mayan flavor, color, music, nature and culture. Inside the park, there is an aviary, a butterfly pavilion, an aquarium, as well as places where you can see jaguars, manatees, flamingos, spider monkeys and more. If that’s not enough, you can also swim with dolphins, float down a lazy river, swim in underground rivers, climb a small Mayan ruin, visit the traditional cemetery, snorkel in the inlet, relax on the beach and more. For kids, visit Children’s World aka Mundo de Niños.

Xcaret is actually closer to Playa del Carmen than Cancun, so you’ll need arrange a way to get there. You can rent a car, but you can also take the bus, or even grab a shuttle or taxi. Check also the other theme parks in the Riviera Maya that your kids will love!

Xcaret with children

Swim with turtles in Akumal

A trip to Akumal is a fun-filled cultural immersion adventure for the entire family with a variety of things to do with children in Cancun. Akumal Bay has resident turtles all year round and is a definite must do activity for kids. Equipment is available for rent at the dive shops, as are guided tours in the water. Traveling with children is a wonderful opportunity for bonding as well as one of the most valuable gifts a parent can give to their child. Also, The Dive Center’s Bubble Maker offers a scuba diving class for children as young as 8 years of age to have their first diving experience. This is a one day class where children are introduced to breathing underwater in shallow waters.

Akumal is located 27 km north of Tulum or 39 km from Playa del Carmen. This makes it an easy and quick trip from either. 

Mahahual with kids

Mahahual is one of these places that brings itself to seeing with the family. Here we can discover a fantastic selection of coral formations and sea fauna such as: dolphins, sponges, sea turtles, sea horses, sea turtles, manatees along with a lot of coral fish. Generally there are not any powerful waves and they’re quite great for learning to swim safely.  They also have a little marina in which water activities are offered for your small ones. The waves of its own waters are soft which makes it possible for families to rest and enjoy bathing with complete assurance, adults relax and children take classes of marine life. 

It is a perfect option if you want to introduce to your children a local mexican town, a great alternative of things to do with children in Cancun.

Jolly Roger Pirate Show

If you are wondering what to do in Cancun with family, simply head straight to the Jolly Roger Pirate Show. This is a tour on an actual pirate ship that should last slightly over three hours. The tour includes dinner and drinks and there are two different kinds of menus available — premium and regular.


Do not forget to visit and relax on the best beaches in Cancun.

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Things to do with children in Cancun