Magic Towns near Cancun

The 4 Magic Towns near Cancun you should visit

The Magic Towns of Mexico bring you straight into the heart of the Mexican history. There are 4 magic towns near Cancun offering a marvel in their stories, with their archaeological sites, their turquoise waters, eco tourism and adventure sides.

Magic Towns near Cancun

What is a Magic town?

Magical Town is a locality that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, memorable facts … in resume, a term given to emanate in each one of its socio-cultural manifestations and for that reason they have been categorized under the name of “magic towns”. There are 4 magic towns nears Cancun you can visit. Here, we share some interesting information so you have them in mind when planning your vacation in the Riviera Maya. You can rent your car and get to any of these destinations.

Bacalar, Tulum, Valladolid and Isla Mujeres have something in common: they both offer destinations surrounded by the very gorgeous beaches and jungle in Mexico and that reflect new and distinct alternatives for national and foreign visitors.

This award granted by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with different governmental bodies and state and municipal governments, contributes to revalue this group of inhabitants -and 108 increasingly – and also its own inhabitants, that have managed to save for several, the cultural abundance and also historical that they enclose.

But despite having beaches among its most important faculties, every of them also has its own unique charm which have made them champions of the name of magic towns near Cancun worth to visit.

Pueblos Mágicos mexico

Tulum Magic town

The Magical City of Tulum is really a must watch and the best case of Mayan charm thanks to its ruins on the boundary of the Caribbean Sea. Named a Pueblo Magico  in 2015, Tulum is just one hour from Playa del Carmen located at the southernmost tip of the Riviera Maya, the most famous of the Magic Towns near Cancun. Once an off the beaten path coastal destination known for its picturesque archaeological site perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, today, Tulum has grown into a world-class tourism destination.

Along with being the only archaeological zone which sits on the edge of a cliff, it probably also offer the most representative dishes of this Mayan area produced from fish and shellfish.

While most people head to Tulum for the hippie-chic boutique hotels and organic, off-the-grid restaurants, the real magic lies in Mother Nature’s surrounding gifts. Tulum is your gateway to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an extravageant ecosystem  includeing beaches, coral reefs, and a plentiful tropical jungle, dunes and cenotes.  Near Tulum, you can visit he beaches and marine turtle sanctuaries of Akumal, Xcacel, and Bahia Principe.

The region is rich in fine wood trees like bamboo, mahogany, and gum.  The main crops are sapote, papaya, guava and coconut hands.  The climate is hot subhumid and with storms in the summer. The archaeological zone of Tulum is the only one of the Mayan culture that is located in front of the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most pretty beaches that you can see in the Riviera Maya. You can also find a vibrant Hotel Zone that offers an eclectic variety of restaurants, eco-luxurious hotels and Yoga and Wellness centers.

The now famous town of Tulum has become the epicenter of a lot of tourists from around the world who come in search of connection with nature, spirituality, tranquility and extravagance. Where do you begin to list everything you can do here?

Tulum Magic town

Bacalar Magic town

If you are interested in history, tradition and nature, Bacalar is a place you cannot miss if you come to the Riviera Maya. A Pueblo Magico  since 2006, Bacalar is a three hour drive from Playa del Carmen, it is the furthest of the Magic Towns near Cancun. The lagoon is the predominant feature of this beautiful magic town, since with its Seven Colors it blow up th mind of all those who visit it. The various minerals that compose it give it seven shades of colors that can be appreciated along its length on sunny days. 

In the Historical Center of the city you can find an old fort built by the Spanish to defend themselves from the Pirates that reached the Laguna, since it connects with the sea.

Within Bacalar´s lagoon is Cenote Azul, a way of communication for freshwater and a mystical-Mayan sinkhole surrounded by jungle vegetation,perfect for snorklers and scuba divers. Before settling into the idyllic coastal town we know today, Bacalar´s history includes Mayan influence, Spanish dominance, and pirate raids, all which can be relived through the relics left behind such as the grand Fort of San Felipe.

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Isla Mujeres

Named a Pueblo Magico  in 2015, Isla Mujeres is a 25 minute ferry ride from Cancun. This beautiful island is surrounded with varied shades of calm, turqoise waters surrounding reefs full of tropical fish. Antillean beauty, rainforest and the wonders of the Mayan civilization make this island a true earthly paradise. The unhurried lifestyle and unqiue Carribean culture of Isla Mujeres is a stark contrast from the mainland of Cancun and a refreshing memory of simpler days. Once a hiding place for pirates, today all who visit Isla Mujeres find it to be a true treasure and special mark on the map.

For lovers of the turquoise sea and crystal waters, Isla Mujeres is the perfect place for you. The coral reefs that surround this island are impressive and it is worth knowing the marine ecosystems with more biodiversity than there is in the world.

Isla Mujeres, is definitely an ideal place to walk and in its famous golf carts. There you will find a wide variety of restaurants and bars to eat and spend a pleasant afternoon.

Isla Mujeres Magic Town

Valladolid Magic town

The Pearl of the east that holds one of the 4 magic towns near Cancun. Valladolid will offer you a peaceful and magical journey through a heroic city.

The city of Valladolid has been named Magic Town for the beauty that it protects in its interior and surroundings, among natural, architectural, gastronomic, delicious coconu ice cream 🙂 and religious attractions. One day is not enough to cover it in its entirety and visit each site. There are many reasons that make this site one of the traveller´s favourites site to visit in Yucatan.

In ancient times, Valladolid was named “Zací” by the Maya in order to honour their chief and patriarch “Anhsaciual”, which in the Mayan language means “White Hawk” and who was elevated to deity status by his people. Today we can still admire the statues and masks that represent this deity. In ancient times, Valladolid was also a stop in the journey of traders and pilgrims that used to travel the white roads that lead to places such as Chichén Itzá, Ek Balam, Cobá and Yaxunah—the pre-Columbian cities of the Yucatán peninsula.

The most amazing cenotes of Yucatan are in Valladolid, with curious legends and fresh waters, a few steps from each other, in them you can even enjoy the exquisite Valladolid cuisine, as some have a restaurant such as the Cenote Zací; others provide spaces to rest and take some refreshments; surrounded by stalactites the Suytun cenote has shallow waters and freshwater fish inside.

valladolid Magic Town

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