Taxi in Cancun

Is it safe to take a taxi in Cancun?

Taking a taxi in Cancun. You wouldn’t imagine the amount of men and women ask whether or not it safe to have a taxi in Cancun every day. It’s perfectly clear since safety is fundamental if visiting a new nation. 

Taxi in Cancun

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Taxi Safe in Cancun

First of all, let us put this clear. We focused on this question because, as mentioned previously, can be a matter that we nearly always hear from clients. We usually do not enjoy this sort of judgment since places the whole destination as a sort of crazy place, which maybe perhaps not. Cancun works as any important-for-tourism destination. Hotels, restaurants, attractions and a lot of community merchandising. For the sake of safety, you will find cameras installed throughout the hotel zone and downtown. So, remember about this”dangerous” misconception that has been rumored relating to this Caribbean destination.

Is taking a taxi in Cancun safe?

Costly, a bit rude and unethical, but safe

Now, talking about the main subject of this post: take a Taxi in Cancun is quite safe , a bit dishonest but safe.  Some cab drivers establish their rates based on the way they view passengers. It has to be extremely expensive most times. Noticing that you are a tourist, they’ll attempt to acquire out of you as much money as you can, and perhaps not in the most friendly way. Some get angry when an individual favors any other sort of transportation as an alternative of these service, and this produces a rude approach. That is the principal reason Uber hasn’t been in a position to fully set and operate normally. There have been protests from taxi drivers demanding to get them outside from the street, as”it affects their occupation along with their loved ones” (oh, seriously!) In other words, in line with us, the particular”problem” with taxi in Cancun up to touristic activity concerns.

Search for cab sites

It is an entire different market usually the one targeted by cab drivers at Hotel Zone from the one targeted by taxi drivers in Downtown. For lots of people that need to travel to their workplace in daily foundation, flights condition isn’t very important, but becoming fast for their destinations. Because of this, there are many flights in lousy conditions which still operate normally, even that the vehicle is falling apart. You may possibly have read some news portals concerning criminal activity with cab drivers entailed. These cab drivers operate at specific areas (ghetto) of all Down Town , maybe not in the hotel zone.  Matter of factthere are”taxi sites” where you can nearly always get available stores ready to simply take you anywhere. They actually look way different from downtown taxis.

Opposite to this, cab drivers who feign to give service to tourists usually do require just a small bit care of the vehicles and therefore are a little more trustable than Caribbean taxi drivers. Anyhow, it’s a good practice to ask a few cab drivers about the price for a service to the same destination. Odds are, the very last of these is going to notice you aren’t somebody to fool and will provide you with the true price of the ceremony, without adding even a peso.

Taxi Cancun Airport

So, is it safe to take a taxi in Cancun? Taxis in hotel zone are somewhat safe, but you need to be mindful if taking a cab in downtown. We recommend considering Personal Shipping  for any sort of service. It is comfortable, totally secure and always available, plus it counts with adjusted non-incrementable-by-drivers rates.

Travel by pre-booked private transportation from cancun Airport if you still feel incomfortable hiring a taxi in Cancun.