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Best Traditional food in Mexico

Mexico is one massive paradise for foodie lovers! This country has an incredible variety of culinary hits. You can find endless amazing food everywhere in Mexico so make sure you try the best traditionall food in Mexico before going home.

Best Traditional food in Mexico

Mexican Best food

Traditional Mexican Food

Mexico has long been among the world’s most popular holiday destinations, bringing sun seekers and mexican food culture addicts.  If you’re fortunate enough to begin planning a trip, make sure you try the best mexican dishes and tastes that the country provides.

Cheese and eggs round out the diet. Seafood is most common in coastal dishes. Though Mexican cuisine is a blend of indigenous (Indian) and Spanish influences, most Mexicans continue to eat more native foods, such as corn, beans, and peppers. Such foods are cheap and widely available.

During your trip in Mexico, look out for those standard dishes to find a real taste of the country’s cuisine.  Here’s our pick of the best must-try meals, the best traditional food in Mexico.

Mexican Food Culture


Pozole is one of the top Mexican foods to try, known for its rich flavour. While a tomato soup filled with corn kernels might sound veggie-friendly, pozole is usually made with chicken broth. According to anthropologists, this pre-Hispanic soup was used as a member of ritual sacrifices.  These days chicken, vegetarian and pork pozole versions are readily obtainable in more regular environments and is served with lettuce, radish, onion, lime and chilli sprinkled on top.


One of the most hearty and filling Mexican breakfast dishes is Chilaquiles, best traditional food in Mexico.  This popular traditional breakfast dish is prepared with lightly fried pieces of corn tortillas and topped with green or red salsa and topped with scrambled or fried eggs, pulled chicken, cheese and cream. Chilaquiles are often served with a healthy dose of frijoles (refried beans).


Guacamole is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most well-known dishes, but few people know that this traditional sauce goes into this time of the Aztecs.  Made of mashed-up avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice and chilli peppers (and sometimes a clove or two of garlic), guacamole is often eaten with tortilla chips or used like a sidedish.

Tacos al pastor

Tacos al Pastor are the pride of Mexico, the top rated best traditional food in Mexico. This historical dish is one of the most well-known varieties of tacos, together with roots dating back to the 1920s and 30s and also the birth of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants to Mexico.  To generate tacos al pastor, thin bits of pork are chopped off a spit, placed on a corn tortilla and served with onions, coriander leaves and lettuce. Tacos al pastor are some of our favorite Mexican tacos. The fresh tacos with crispy pork and hints of pineapple are unbelievably flavorful. 


Since queso is the Spanish word for cheese, quesadilla basically means cheese tortilla. They are one of the most popular snack in Mexico and have many variacious depending of the states. Quesadillas can also come with other fillings. If you’re veggie, you can order fillings like flor de calabaza, mushrooms, any kind of meat or nopales (cactus).


Ceviche is a popular dish in nearly all Mexican beach destinations. Without a doubt, fish ceviche is the mostpopular but you can also order prawn, octopus or mix ceviches. Traditionally, it consists of fresh fish, soaked in lime juice and then mixed with cilantro, onion, tomates and serrano peppers. The best traditional food in Mexico to enjoy especially in the hot tropical weather.


Enchiladas are one of the best Mexican foods because they’re versatile, filling, and downright delicious. Corn or flour tortillas are stuffed with a combination of savory fillings and doused in a chile sauce. They date from back in the days, when people in the Valley of Mexico would eat corn tortillas wrapped round fish.  These days both wheat and corn tortillas are used and so are full of meat, cheese, seafood, beans, vegetables or all the above. The stuffed tortillas covered in a chilli sauce make a perfect Mexican morning meal. 


Tamales are made with masa corn meal cooked inside a corn husk, combined with stuffed inside such as chicken, mole, salsa verde or roja. You can also get sweet tamales which are bright pink and flavoured with guava.


A popular snack in Mexico. You will find people selling elote, the Mexican name for corn on the cob, on nearly every town street corner in Mexico.  The corn is normally boiled and served either on a pole (to be eaten to be an icecream ) or in cups (esquites), the kernels was cut off the cob.  Salt, chilli powder, lime, cheese, butter, mayonnaise and sour cream are all subsequently added in prosperity. 


Mole is a Mexican sauce combining chillis and other ingredients. Making it from scratch can take hours and involves blending all kinds of ingredients like pine nuts, golden raisins, garlic, chilli, then frying the paste, adding stock and stirring the sauce for hours. Perhaps the best-known mole is mole poblano, a rusty red sauce typically served over turkey or chicken.

Best Traditional food in Mexico

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